July 2013

Rustic Riders July 2013 News! Summer is here! It was a cool rainy spring and many doubted that summer would every come again. But it was not a figment of our imagination. We’ve lots of fun music planned and hope to see you out and about! Joe Dockery is joining on guitar and vocals at most gigs and Jeff Couture will be fiddling around with us at some. Check out our website calendar for more details. the Rustic Riders July Gigs: 7/4/13 – 5:00 pm with Joe and Jeff The Hedges, Blue Mountain Lake We’ll be playing for the guests at the Hedges 4th of July Picnic. (some sing along songs requested) 7/6/13 - 11:00 am – 1:00 pm Rocking Festival, Saranac Lake We’ll be hosting the Express Rock Contest at the Farmer’s Market. Bring you stories, songs, poems, dance to celebrate the healing power of rocking chairs and the Adirondacks. Enter to win a prize of a $100 gift Certificate at the Saranac Lake Saturday Farmer’s Market. Contact Dan Sullivan at ADKmassage@gmail.com to sign up before hand. You will also be able to sign up that day if space permits. Sponosred by: Historic Saranac Lake/Saranac Wellness Network 7/6/13 - 8:00 pm with Joe and Jeff Adirondack Mountain Club HPIC Concert Concert with the Rustic Riders including Joe and Jeff. We’ll play Lisa’s new music, some American Standards and traditional fiddle tunes on assorted string things – fiddle, cello, mandolin, tenor banjo, bouzouki may make their appearances. 7/12/13 - 2:00 pm with Joe Clifton Fine Hospital Concert on the lawn of the Clifton Fine Hospital and Nursing Home for residents and community. This event is part of the "Music on the Hospital Lawn" series. 7/26/13 9:00 – 2:00 (just Lisa) Canton Farmer’s Market August Gigs 8/10/13 - 7:30 pm with Joe Big Moose Community Chapel Concert 8/11/13 - 9:30 am with Joe Big Moose Community Chapel – Morning Worship 8/13/13 – 7:00 – 9:00 Hoss’s Country Store – Authors night

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