1. Another

From the recording Another

A parent’s lament with a happy ending.


Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

Another load of laundry, another runny nose
Who know where the time went? It just goes and flows
Another meal to cook, another pot to clean
How did I end up like this? Who knows what it means?
This is not the life I imagined; it’s the life I lead
This is not the life I’d have chosen; it’s the life I need
Another bath to give, another book to read
When did I become another mouth to feed?
Another bed to make, another floor to sweep
Who decides what’s garbage and what we get to keep?


Another sleepless night, another frightful dream
We just seem to float forever down this stream
Another early morning, another day to break
How can I do all this, I’m hardly yet awake


Another kiss in bed, another hug for free
I really don’t deserve this but I love the company
Another brush with love, another walk on air
Somehow I am blessed; my life is filled with care