New Music with Traditional Roots
Traditional Tunes 

The Rustic Riders craft their sound with music old and new. They invite you to sing, move, reflect and renew with voice, strings and percussion. 

In concert, the Rustic Riders share new songs with traditional roots and their love of traditional tunes. 

In 2006, at age 52, Lisa began writing the songs featured on their 3 CD’s “Hearing Hearts” and “Among These Hills” and 2015's release "Wake Up". She also sings and plays “string things” – cello, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki and tenor banjo. Klaus Meissner provides the percussive foundations. Live Musical Guests have included Joe Dockery on guitar and vocals, Bill Chamberlain on banjo and mandolin, Jeff Couture on fiddle. Musical Guests on Rustic Riders Recordings include Dan Duggan - guitars, hammered dulcimer, acoustic bass and banjo, Bill Chamberlain - mandolin and banjo, Susan Grimm Hanley - flute and Henry Jankiewicz - fiddle. 

The Rustic Riders have played across the North Country, New York City, Vermont and New Hampshire and love interacting with audiences. 

“A Rustic Riders performance is pleasing to the performer, the presenter and the audience. What more can anybody ask for?” – Joseph Liotta, Norwood Village Green Concert Series (Founded in 1974) 

"The message is as strong as the music is beguiling--an album for your home and for your planet!"--Bill McKibben on "Wake Up!" 

“The Rustic Riders are country, blues, soul and pop all wrapped up in one -- what a delight!” - Debbie Kanze 

“What a wonderful and joyful sound" - Bill Hahn (WFDU-FM, NJ) 

The Rustic Riders bring a variety of musical interests to their music. Lisa was strongly influenced by traditional folk and the folk revival. Her mother was a professional performer who loved Broadway and swing. Klaus grew up in a multicultural home infused with Latin rhythms and he developed a love of rhythm and blues. 

Together, they defy musical genres to create their distinctive sound. 

Lisa Meissner, 
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