1. Small Farms

From the recording Small Farms


Small Farms are Rising
Words by Lisa Meissner;
Inspired by the film “Small Farms Rising” by Ben Stechschulte
Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

The small farms are rising, all across the horizon
They are feeding us again
New ways from the old, turning sunshine to gold
Small farms are rising once again

From our elders we are learning, our mistakes keep us turning
We teach each other what we need to know
Though the work is dirty and the hours hard and long
We love to eat the food we grow!


From the east and from the west we are doing our best
Artists of sight and sound and land
Carrots, beets and greens, milk, cheese and meats so lean
The beauty of a life made by hand


In backyards and apartments, in windows, on roof tops
Gardening together in city lots
Feeding our neighbors with the fruits of our labors
We are rising once again