On Friday, November 27th I had the pleasure of working with, and seeing perform, the Rustic Riders at The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY. Lisa and Klaus Meissner are true professionals. From the moment I booked them to their set up and take down, everything was done at 100% and with enthusiasm. The soul that they put into their music is rare in an age where “music” can be created with the push of a few buttons, and an untrained ear. This is not that type of music. The down home, genuine music that oozes from the instruments and their voices is something very special. Their performance at The Wild Center had many people from all ages walking with an extra beat in their step. They were the perfect complement to our Family Friday day of events. I would highly recommend Lisa and Klaus Meissner to perform at any type of social gathering. Their easy going nature makes it a wonderful experience. My hope is that they will agree to play again at the Wild Center as I know they gained new fans and visitors” - Josh Pratt

— Wild Center

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May 4, 2010 As program director of the Norwood Village Green Concert Series, the Zion Episcopal Church Coffee House Series, and the Village of Norwood Family Sunset Series, I have been involved for the past 40 years in arranging, presenting and evaluated performers in a variety of settings. These performers have run the gamut, from student musicians, to community performers, to local semi-pros and professionals, to touring national and international groups and to the elite of performaners including Grammy, Juno, and many other award winners. Several important characteristics are necessary for the audience, the presenter and the performer. Lisa and Klauss Meissner fit these characteristics beautifully. Those characteristics are musicianship, accommodation, friendliness, a “good” and “inspiring” message, trustworthiness, and general good vibes ambience. In addition to the above positive characteristics one will receive from a Rustic Riders performance, there is a genuine love for sharing their music. In turn the audience responds in kind. To sum up – a Rustic Riders performance is pleasing to the performer, the presenter and the audience. What more can anybody ask for? Joseph M. Liotta President and Founding Program Director Norwood Village Green Concert Series Inc” - Joe Liotta

— Norwood Green Concert Series

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Board Members – Dr. Peter McCoy,  Mary Jane Purves, , Scott LaVine, Jon Hunkins

Fun. Beautiful voice. great sentiments!"- DM Nice sound, great lyrics" - DS Excellent" - AM”

— Fans

The message is as strong as the music is beguiling--an album for your home and for your planet!” - Bill McKibben

— Bill McKibben 350.org

Hey, looks like the Whole Earth Catalog!" was my first thought when I laid eyes on The Rustic Riders' latest CD, "Wake Up!" It's a collection of 13 songs written and sung by Lisa Meissner, who, along with her husband Klaus on percussion and occasional help from friends, perform as The Rustic Riders. They live off the beaten path, in between Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake, and the beauty that surrounds them certainly influences much of their material. Lost Dog" opens the CD. A blues number, which is somewhat of a departure from Lisa's established style, it's got some cute and catchy lyrics. A defiant woman who won't be under any man's thumb - "I ain't your lost dog. I'm the one who got away." A tasty slide guitar line provided by Dan Duggan adds to its credibility. Chicken Soup is Nice," an ode to older, nurturing women, comes next. There are several underlying themes that run through this recording. One of them is an appreciative contemplation of elders, the previous generations. "Someday" continues in that vein. With it comes the realization that we keep moving up the age ladder ourselves and we will be the next round of elders. Time and tides stand still for no man. Susan Grimm Hanley embellishes the melody with her delightful flute part. The Riders go gospel with the title track, "Wake Up." The song is a call to environmental and personal awareness, and the lively hoedown country music pulls you right in to sing along. The Rustic Riders often use inspirational lyrics and phrases from the Bible in their songs. Unlike some right-wing "Christians," they get the stewardship thing, or so it seems to me. As a whole, the even more prominent theme that runs through "Wake Up" is the celebration of "sustainability" as envisioned the likes of Bill McKibben. "Small Farms" is a happy ode to the upswing in eating local, farmers markets, low-impact sustenance farms and communalism. Lisa says she started writing "The Storm is Coming" as hurricane Irene approached, but the song transcends any particular storm and metaphorically covers the ways people, communities, and friends and family band together to weather the storms of life. Drop in the Bucket" is a straight-out tip of the hat to Bill McKibben and his book "Earth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet." If you're not familiar with McKibben and his organization, 350.org, read the New York Times review of it, and the whole CD will take on a profound and cohesive tone. The next song, "Keeping Time," which grew out of the Adirondack Rocking Festival, is a sweet song that sets you out an Adirondack porch in a rocking chair. It's one of my favorite cuts. The imagery is soothing and welcoming. Dancing In Heaven" is a touching reflection on Klaus and Lisa's parents. It's quite a story. Traveling reminds us that nothing is static in life. Holy Ground" again merges the sacred and the common. This is a review of some music and poetry, not a theological debate, but I must say that I find Meissner's outlook refreshing. The Rustic Riders use common, understandable words and similitudes to argue out some pretty lofty (or perhaps deep) concepts. Shine Your Light" is a straight out gospel song. The final tune, "Take Me," deserves its place among the best on the burgeoning Adirondack folk scene. Mostly unknown by the rest of the music world, there is a rich vein of distinct music developing in these northern mountains. It's a style that combines Celtic, traditional American folk, French-Canadian and other gendres with lyrics mined from the colors and light and wilderness found in this isolated region. Wake Up! Is more than just an Adirondack folk album, though it is every bit that. It's an exercise in right thinking. On the ground floor, it's an enjoyable folk-Americana recording, with pleasant and talented musicianship. Like an onion, it has multiple layers. Sometimes we have to hit the snooze button a few times before we hear the "Wake Up!" call. This CD can be purchased through iTunes, via the Rustic Riders' website or at Ampersound in Saranac Lake. © Copyright 2015 Adirondack Daily Enterprise. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.” - Keith Gorgas

— Adirondack Daily Enterprice

the rustic riders were incredible, they engaged the students in lively and relevant songs that the students could actively participate in, while also teaching them many little known and important facts about our school, our town, and the Adirondacks. They created a song just for LP QUINN using well researched Tupper Lake history. They definitely know how to work with elementary students, using just the right amount of talking, singing, participation. and teaching them songs. The students came away with a great experience. I would definitely recommend them to any school." Maragaret O'Leary, 3rd Grade Teacher, Science Coordinator, LP Quinn Elementary School, Tupper Lake, NY” - Margaret O'Leary

— LP Quinn Elementary School

Lisa and Klaus Meissner of The Rustic Riders performed for our opening assembly at our annual Adirondack Day celebration at LP Quinn Elementary School in Tupper Lake, NY! They were fantastic! They engaged the students through song and motion and infused local lore and history into their musical interludes! Their enthusiastic presentation energized our students and filled our day with a happy spirit! We look forward to having them become regular presenters in school!Carolyn Merrihew, Principal, LP Quinn Elementary School, Tupper Lake, NY” - Carolyn Merrihew

— LP Quinn Elementary School

This year's Adirondack Day kicked off with a musical performance by the Rustic Riders, a duo featuring Lisa and Klaus Meissner of Coreys. Children clapped and sang along to songs that covered topics such as community-sourced agriculture, environmental conservation and local history.” - Adam St. Pierre - Adirondack Daily Enterprise