From the recording Chicken Soup is Nice

An ode to all the wise women who have nurtured us.


Chicken Soup is Nice
Words and Music: Lisa Meissner, Copyright 2013
Chicken soup is nice.
You can cook it with noodles; you can add lots of spice
It’ll warm your soul, cure the common cold
Chicken soup is nice
My grandmother taught me how to cook
What I learned can’t be found in a book
A little of this and a little of that
Don’t forget the butter, use lots of fat

My grandmother never used a recipe
Never followed the rules, she did as she pleased
There’s no kind of chemistry that can recreate
The love that’s found in every plate


My grandmother taught me to use my senses
To smell, to taste, to not be defensive
Though she’s gone she still lives on
In this food and in this song