From the recording A Hearing Heart


A Hearing Heart
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved

Please give me a hearing heart
Help me stop and listen, help me do my part
Please give me a discerning mind
Help me have the vision, help me not be blind
To all the love around me here
Amid the grief and pain and fear

Please give me ears to hear
Your still small voice inside me let me know you’re near
Please give me the voice to speak
Help me when I stutter, help me when I’m weak
And can not find the words to say
Or the courage to do your will this day

Please give me a patient soul
Help me have the strength, give me feet to go
Please give me the hands to hold
Help me feel the beauty, help me be so bold
So I can face the world today
For all these things I pray