1. Lost Dog

From the recording Lost Dog

Ellen Rocco of North County Public Radio hosts a weekly Blues Show. The station is great about announcing lost dogs across our region. One day there was 5 announcements and I thought there’s a song in there! Here it is.


I ain’t your lost dog, I’m the one who got away
I ain’t your lost dog, I ain’t no stray
I ain’t your lost dog, I’m the bitch who has her say

You tried to train me, teach me to obey
To sit, to beg, to lie down anytime of day
I won’t serve two masters, no how no way

You tried to groom me, put ribbons in my hair
You tried to dress me up, buyer beware
I won’t wag my tail or shake my derriere

You fed me well, kibbles and caviar
Took me for rides in your fancy car
I won’t be your lap dog, no matter who you are

You took me to the park for a little lark
Kept me on the lead, wouldn’t let me bark
I broke that chain now I’m howling in the dark