From the recording Just Plain Folk

Written while hiking in the Adriondacks


Just Plain Folk
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved

Just plain folk, don’t need nothing fancy
Just plain folk as you can clearly see
Just plain folk doing what we can
Just plain folk living hand in hand

Some folks spend hours on their makeup and their hair
Some folks spend a fortune on what their going to wear
We can spend our time smelling all the flowers
Dreaming away the hours

Some folks work their whole lives away
To live in the right neighborhood
We only need a home to keep us warm and dry
A place where love can thrive


Some folks need a TV in every room
Fill their lives with news of doom and gloom
We can take a walk and smell the morning air
Throw away our worries and our cares


Some folks throw away what others work for days
Some folks seem to waste away
We can live with less and get so much more
Discover what we’re living for