1. Walk This Road

From the recording Walk This Road

I wrote this in 2006 as the 2008 presidential cycle was gearing up. It was my hope for civil discourse. I thought when the election was over I would not be singing this song. We continue to end all our shows with it.


Walk This Road
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved
We will walk this road together; We will walk hand in hand
We will walk this road together; We will walk throughout the land
We will walk this road together even when we disagree
We will walk this road together from sea to shining sea

When I read the paper; When I watch TV
Listen to the radio; It’s really plain to see
When leaders stir up hatred; When they feed divisiveness
They really aren’t leaders; We have to stop this mess


There really is no red; There really is no blue
You and I are people; We’re bound to see this through
We are more than the labels; That we learn in school
We care for one another; We live the Golden Rule


We are Native People; We are Muslim and Hindu
We are Protestant and Catholic; We are Quaker and we’re Jew
We are evangelical; Searching for the way
To live our lives together; Forever in God’s sway