1. We Remember

From the recording We Remember

This one wrote itself. Driving past the three war memorials in Saranac Lake – a town of 5,000 people - the words were nearly completed by the time I finished the 15 minute drive to our house in the “suburbs”. My son had returned from Iraq less than 6 months before. As the war became more distant personally, I thought about how this effects our personal and national decisions.


We Remember
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

We remember when you died, but forget how you lived
Did you have any children? Did you have a love so true?
We remember the year; it’s only a date
You lived so long ago; there’s so much we do not know

A name etched in granite, cold and hard and gray
It seems so unreal, it seems so far away
What were your hopes? What were your dreams?
Your death was so untimely; your remains were never seen

What if you had lived far beyond your years?
There would have been so many fewer anguished tears
You were someone’s precious. You were a well loved child
How did you become just another number dialed?

Each day we make decisions. Each day we take a chance
Our actions change so many lives, a never ending dance
Each one who is touched, touch so many more
There is no such thing as a very little war

Names etched in granite, dates so long ago
Lives we don’t remember, loves we’ll never know
Everyone is precious, everyone a valued soul
And so we must remember, never let them go