December 2013

Rustic Riders – December 2013 News As the year closes and the days darken it’s time to remember all our blessings and the wonderful people who’ve touched us. We are truly blessed to share our journey on this earth with you. We look forward to meeting you again and sharing adventures in life and music in 2014! We go back to finish the recording we started last year with Dan Duggan and look forward to sending it out into the universe this year! In the meantime here’s some lyrics that I wrote for this time of the year. It was inspired by a poem by a friend of a friend who was inspired by Carl Sagan. The Folk Process! I put a bare bones recording on Sound Cloud. Let Love Survive This is the first time I’ve done this. Please email us at and let us know what you think. Love, Lisa and Klaus “Mice-ner” Let Love Survive Words and Music: Lisa Meissner, Copyright 2013 With thanks to poet Richard Thompson and Carl Sagan The stars shine on the world tonight Across the cosmos our dreams take flight The earth is such a fragile place Whirling through this vast dark space Chorus: Guide our feet on paths of peace Help our hands extend their reach Warm our hearts so that we Embrace and love these mysteries Ancient days and ancient nights Forged these lands from fire and ice Our future’s found in rocks of old In days to come, in stories told Chorus: At this darkest time of year Let us not forget to hear Our children’s children; their laughs, their cries Above all else let love survive Chorus:

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