From the recording Tomorrow, Today

A tune about appreciating each day.


Tomorrow, Today
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

If I could not walk tomorrow, where would I walk today?
Would I feel each step as I make my way?
Would I feel the power of the earth stir within?
Would I feel the spirit in the wind?
If I can not walk tomorrow I will walk today
I will rejoice in each step along the way

If I could not hear tomorrow what would I hear today?
Would I really listen to what people say?
Would I stop and notice the music in the air
Would I hear the spirit around me everywhere?
If I can not hear tomorrow, I will hear today
Listen to the spirit guiding me always

If I could not see tomorrow, what would I see today?
Would I see the sunshine on a grey and cloudy day?
Would I see the truth so bright and so clear?
The colors of the rainbow shining through our fear
If I cannot see tomorrow, I will look for today
I will see the glory showing me the way

Instrumental Break

If I could not feel tomorrow, what would I touch today?
Would I sense the textures that clothe me every day?
Luxuriate in cotton, warm up with wool and fleece
Let the sand flow through my hands, feel the grass beneath my feet
If I cannot feel tomorrow I will touch today
I will feel your love around me each and every day

If I could not think tomorrow what would I know today?
Would I know the power of your grace along the way?
Would I know the friendship of people everywhere?
Would I remember you know all our cares?
If I cannot think tomorrow I will know today
I will know forgiveness in all that I say

If I should die tomorrow, how would I live today?
What would I do differently; what else would I say
Would I know that life begins when it ends?
Would I know that brokenness can mend?
I will die tomorrow, I will live today
I will dance with you leading all the way