From the recording Know You Are Loved

This was written for my daughter’s wedding in 2008 to the man she began dating 6 years before. 1 month after they began dating she began to have MS symptoms. They have already weathered many struggles and continue to triumph with grace and humor each day.


Know You Are Loved
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved

As you travel through this life of love
There will be hardship, clouds up above
Hold each other tight; see the stars in the night
Always know you are loved

There will be laughter, there will be tears
There will be joy, there will be fears
As you travel together, journey through the years
Know you are loved

As you climb these mountains, scale the lofty peaks
There will be times when you feel so weak
Walking hand in hand, there’s nothing you can’t stand
Always know you are loved


Pony rides in May sunshine, feeling so free
Nothing remains as it used to be
Enjoy the journey; detours along the way
Always know you are loved


Rocks and roots will trip you up
Thunder and lightening, have you had enough?
Laughing in the mud, sliding through the years
Always know you are loved