From the recording Ghosts in the River

" Ghosts" was written after listening to Shegeko Sasamuri describe her experience as a 14 year old in Hiroshima the day the bomb was dropped.


Ghosts in the River
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved
(Inspired by Shigeko Sasamori as heard on NPR’s “The Story” 8/6/07)
Ghosts in the river, not a cloud in the sky
Ghosts in the river, you can still hear them cry
Walking through time, burning with fear
Ghosts in the river, feel them, they’re near
No more, no more
They tell us once again
No more, no more
These senseless wars must end
Facing the light, eager to learn
Facing the light the world now has turned
Innocent children, who’s friend or foe?
Facing the light, it’s too dark to know


Hands reaching out, searching for care
Hands reaching out stopping to stare
Mothers and fathers, their pain never ends
Hands reaching out making new friends


Repeat 1st verse (no chorus)