From the recording We Won't Give Up

This is a true story about a paper mill that was “idled” for 8 years. The owners were looking for any buyers – for the mill or just the parts. The people of Star Lake and Newton Falls and especially Levi Durham and Andy LeRoux, worked to maintain the mill. After 8 years it was finally sold. Then the recession of 2008 hit. The new owners are hoping to keep it going and install a more efficient heating system. The story can be found at


We Won’t Give Up
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2009, All Rights Reserved

It was a sad, sad day when the mill closed down
Most folk packed up and soon left town
We couldn’t leave couldn’t watch it die
We had to stay and find another way


We won’t give up; we’ll never say “No”
We’re too stubborn ever to go
We’re not closed; we’re just taking a break
This talk of our death is all a big mistake

Over a hundred years ago
Mr. Newton brought his mill through the rain and snow
Soon we were working day and night
In the winter’s cold and in the summer light
The town grew around us, the mill changed hands
The times were hard, but we carried on
Through depressions and too many wars
So when the mill closed we all swore


The politicians came from all around
Said “Don’t you worry, we’ll save your town”
But when the roofs began to cave in
Andy and Levi thought it was a sin
Waste not want not you’ll never be poor
Use what you got, keep the wolf from the door
They called the owners and proposed
To care for the mill until it sold


With the help of a couple of friends
They kept the mill ready to run again
From all around the world
Buyers were given different tours
If they only wanted the parts,
They found the mill cold and dark
If they had vision and could see
They were treated like royalty


Now the mill is running again
But this is not where our story ends
When the applicants number 6 to 1
There is still more work to be done
Too many folks work for too little pay
Too few folks make a living wage
With determination and our friends
We can get everyone working again

We never really closed
We just took a long
Long, long, long, long, long, long break