1. Song of Hope

From the recording Song of Hope

I wrote this after seeing a documentary about Holocaust survivors getting married and giving birth while living in displaced person camps after WW II. We were also reading about modern day slavery and people’s survival.


Song of Hope
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved

How can you sing when there is such despair?
How can you dance with the dead?
How can you hope in a world that doesn’t care?
How can you dare to look ahead?

I sing a song of hope
I sing a song of faith
I sing a song of life
The spirit never dies

How can you bring a child to this world?
When you have suffered so?
How can you greet the bright new dawn
Knowing all that you know?


How can I live in such affluence?
How can I worry ‘bout my hair?
When I have a closet full of clothes
Complain I have nothing to wear


How can I help when there is so much pain?
Where do I even try to start?
What can I do to still these hungry cries
While the whole world comes apart