From the recording Come Dance With Me

This started as a song for my grandson’s first birthday, but ended up being a meditation on life. It has a nice old timey feel.


Come Dance With Me
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2009, All Rights Reserved

Come dance with me at the break of day
Swing your partner all the way
Sing with me when the day is done
Say goodbye to the setting sun

When we’re born we count our age in weeks, then months, then years
The decades flow on by; we can not count the tears
Laughter and fear there is so much more
Celebrate the loving; listen to the score


As we age we count our worth in cash, in stocks and bonds
It doesn’t make much sense, we lose it when we’re gone
Living is for loving each and every day
Celebrate the music; listen to it play


As we die we count our days in family, deeds and friends
The stories we leave, love that never ends
Death is only one more passage through time
Celebrate the rhythm; listen to the rhyme