From the recording Where Would I Be

A Valentine’s Day gift.


Where Would I Be Without You
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

Where would I be without you?
What would I do or say?
Where would I go without you?
I couldn’t stay away
I wouldn’t fly; I wouldn’t cry
I wouldn’t know what to do
I wouldn’t care; I wouldn’t dare
I would feel so blue

You are a true companion
You are a true friend
When I was broken hearted
You helped me mend
What would I do? Where would I go?
Where would I be without you?
I would get by; I would still try
But I would be half alive

How have I said I love you?
How have I showed I care?
When life is so busy
Have I made you aware?
I love you so; I’ll never go
I will always be near
The warmth of your touch, it means so much
I’ll always hold you so dear