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Rustic Riders: Music

Old Town Clock

(Rustic Riders)
September 15, 2011
Lisa Meissner
The Saranac Lake Town Hall is based on Independence Hall and has a beautiful town clock that is always slow – a wonderful metaphor! Saranac Lake has a long history of healing and many people passed through and chose to remain after they cured from TB. With the advent of antibiotic treatment, Saranac Lake has undergone tremendous change. The Trudeau Institute still provides groundbreaking research in immunology. Since 1988 I have been making home visits with home bound elderly and have had the joy of hearing lots of stories.
Old Town Clock
Words and Music by Lisa Meissner
Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved

The old town clock keeps time by the hour
Though it runs kinda slow
It rings its chimes with its own sense of time
The rhythm of life long ago.

Time marches on singing its own song
Though those days are gone we still carry on

People walked these streets stopping to greet
I can still hear the beat of their feet
Every Friday night music filled the air
We danced away our cares


The train came twice a day bringing all our needs
Luxuries we did without
Took away these good, these products of the woods
The people now hale and stout


The old town clock keeps time by the hour
Though it runs kinda slow